FKK Nudist Blogs Nudist Blogs - Nudists are individuals who enjoy dwelling free of clothing. Some may enjoy being household nudists while others may love being naked outdoors (such as seeing nude beaches, and participating in social activities in the nude). The naturist conduct traditionally has nothing to do with sex. Many families love being nude together in a naturist environment. You can
Lots of love to all of you from FKK! So that wraps up our panel with these great folks, but now it is you, the readers', turn to weigh in! What WOULD YOU believe defines a naturist or naturist? Would you consider yourself a nudist / naturist and why or why not? Naturist Naturist and Articles about Nudism And Naturism By - Young Naturists And Young Naturists America FKK Tags: AANR, clubs a
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The summer following my sister's honeymoon, she and her husband I want to tag along on their tour of the Greek isles. This type of trip was nothing new to me, except my parents were not around, and now I was concealing a secret. Much more amazing than any landscape, however, was what I seen on our third stop, on the island of Eos. We had just unpacked our bags and the sun was setting, and I asked
Guest Blog Angela Shelton by: Paulette LaRoche The April 10, 2013 episode of Ricki (The New Ricki Lake Show), titled, Stolen Childhoods, featured a woman named Angela Shelton. The movie's main subject is sexual abuse, inspired by her own abuse as a child, purportedly from her dad and stepmother. She begins her narrative on the Ricki show, and among the first things she says is, (this is not
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