3 of the Most Serious Types of Auto Injury that a Chiropractor C

The type and severity of an auto injury depends on various factors, including your position inside the vehicle, the origin and force of impact, and whether or not you complied with the basic safety driving practices. Whatever your position in the car is, one of the injuries you are likely to sustain after a collision is ahead injuryormild traumatic brain injury. It can be caused by a car’s sudden stop or shift in direction (which are also the main causes of whiplash), as well as by a collision.

For instance, the head hitting the head restraint can cause a misalignment of the cervical spineand cause soft tissue damage to the brain. A chiropractor can help provide relief to cervical spine injuries, TM disruption/jaw pain, headaches, and mild traumatic brain injuries. Because chiropractic care does not involve surgery, you can recover from your injuries and return to activity much more quickly. In fact, studies show that it is the most effective conservative method for reducing whiplash andbodily pain.

Neck Injuries

Vulnerable muscles in the neck and upper spine can injure easily when supporting the weight of a heavy head, especially during the quick motions of whiplash.  Also, airbag deployment can severely injure the face, head, neck, shoulders, and wrists from the forceful explosion while the hands are on the steering wheel.  Chiropractors at Blyss Chiropractic are specifically trained in assessing, treating, and rehabbing these upper body injuries.

Extremity Injuries

Upper and lower extremity injuries are common in car collisions, especially to the shoulders, wrists, and hips (from pushing into the floorboards).  In addition to treating the spine, chiropractors have extensive training in treating extremities as well.  Extremity injuries can inhibit spinal recovery by impeding rehab exercises essential to recovery.  And, extremity injuries can be prolonged by spinal movement dysfunctions in the core. By addressing the whole body, we at Blyss Chiropractic have had significant success in helping our patients to restorative recovery from their vehicular injuries.


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