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In the increasingly hectic world of the 21st century where space is shrinking exponentially and people are usually in a hurry, there isn’t enough time or space for people to make the most of their early morning bathroom routine. This is where the concept of the functional bathroom comes into play. A functional bathroom is one which prioritizes storage and convenience ensuring that the short time you spend in the bathroom is used efficiently. Today, we explore the ultimate checklist or the super functional bathroom:-Utility cabinets: One reason you want to go for a functional bathroom is to maximize the use of space. Utility cabinets are a functional and elegant way to keep your essentials well within reach and do just that. Depending on your budget and time restrictions, you can either buy them as it is or specifically design them to blend well with the rest of your bathroom.Storage baskets: These are essential for storing items that need to be moved around frequently. One such example is used laundry. They are portable and can be tucked away under or around your wash basin.Open shelves: If your storage options are restricted by both the length and the width of your bathroom, fret not! Capitalise on the height! Open shelves would allow you to do so with utmost efficiency.Tech it upIf your budget isn’t a restriction, then you can spice up your bathroom a notchElectronic Water heaters: These water heaters warm up the water to the exact temperature you would like it to providing fine control, thereby ensuring a blissful shower experience.Motion sensing lights: These are saviors in times where you have to rush to the bathroom at 3 amSmart Voice Assistant speakers: Smart voice assistants such as the Google home or amazon Alexa provide that extra layer of convenience. You can summon your google home and ask it to warm up your electric water heater so that it is ready just in time for your shower.The essentials In our quest to create a super functional bathroom, we need to consider 2 fundamental components: The wash basin and the water closet. These need to be both functional and blend well with the overall design theme of your bathroom.

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