Cummins x12 for sale

Cummins x12 for sale,Cummins X12 redefines the entire medium-bore engine category (10L-13L), setting new standards for productivity in regional-haul,The Cummins X12 Series engine is rated up to 475 hp and features weight reductions through the use of a sculptured block design and high-strength composite materials.

Cummins x12 overview

At 2050 lbs, the X12 is especially designed for weight-sensitive applications. Up to 600 lbs lighter than other medium-bore engines and 150 lbs lighter than the next lightest engine in its class.Weight reduction is only important if the engine can also get the job done efficiently, day in and day out. The X12 was designed to be a left lane truck with right lane fuel economy. It has the performance and transient response that impresses even the big bore truck drivers while maximizing fuel economy in regional haul and local duty cycles.

Cummins x12 specifications

Advertised Horsepower     350-500            261-373 KW

Peak Torque             1250-1700 lb-ft      1695-2305 N?m

Governed Speed            2000 rpm

Clutch Engagement Torque    800 lb-ft         1085 N?m

Number of Cylinders           6

System Weight               2,241 lb           1,017 kg

Engine (Dry)                2,050 lb            930 kg

Aftertreatment System*       191 lb              87 kg

Cummins ISX12 Engine 75036138

Item specifics

Condition:               Used    

Brand:                       Cummins

Manufacturer Part Number: 75036138

Part Type:               Engine

Part Brand:               Cummins

Out of 2015 freightliner casc with 224k miles, buyer pays freight charges.    

Cummins x12 for sale,Pls send your inquiry details of engines and parts to Official mailbox : , we will offer soon after I got your inquiry.

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