“Good” is the Enemy of Great Design

Jim Collins opens his book, “Good to Great” with the line “Good is the enemy of great.” I’ve also seen variants of this aphorism attributed to Voltaire too, but regardless of who first coined it, the point is this: if you settle for “good enough,” you’ll never get to “great.”

We’ve been experiencing this firsthand lately here at BXP Creative. Today I’m going to give you a little peek under the hood at what we’ve been building for the last month or so, and how we’re pushing ourselves to not just create something that checks off boxes on the project requirements list, but is really delightful to use.

Current users already know that we utilize what we call Genius Tools to collect information about a project and automate the creation of project briefs. We took a hard look at what we liked about that process and tried to distill it into as few steps as possible, collecting only the information we really need to get a project started. This is particularly evident in our new Logo Tool, the first of many different tools we’re building as part of the new platform.

In our new Logo Tool, instead of asking users to use a scale to rate the features of their logo (playful vs. serious, monotone vs. colorful, etc), we simply ask what they like. First, we offer some format choices (wordmark, pictorial, emblem, and so on) with good examples of each. The user can select up to two options for us to try in our designs. Next, we do the same with style. We allow the user to select up to three distinct style directions they’d like us to try out. This helps give us an idea of what the user prefers from a creative standpoint.

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