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Music is a source of pleasure and inspiration. It provokes positive feelings and creates a romantic mood. Current essay is the analysis of Tchaikovsky’s album, a great Russian composer, whose ballets, concertos, symphonies, chamber music and operas are being played and loved all over the world. Some of his works are considered one of the most popular theatrical music being played in the classical repertoire.

The album for the analysis consists of fourteen tracks. The first seven tracks are The Nutcracker Suite components, which is a two-act ballet. That libretto is adapted from the story by Hoffmann “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” and saw the world through its première in St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre.

I had a chance to see The Nutcracker performance in the opera house, so listening to the separate album’s tracks awoke my nostalgic feelings of those times. Moreover, when listening to March and all of the Dances, I quickly imagine the scenes from the production I watched. If I did not have a chance to see the performance, the heard music would probably make me imagine the fields where I am running somewhere far away on my white horse during the spring times, the nature is already green and the river runs quickly with all the shades and light from the sun. Waltz of the Flowers is another popular melody from The Nutcracker, which takes away breaths with its wideness of performance and thought-provoking notes. Listening to it, person becomes quickly plunged into the atmosphere of big balls with pompous costumes. The whole piece makes you dance in accompaniment of light nature.

Going further in the album, the next track is Overture 1812, which commemorates the defense of motherland Russia against Napoleon’s invasion of Grande Armée in 1812. The melody ranges from calm to more dramatic especially in its final accords. Moreover, to make it more grandiose, it is also supported with some fireworks at the end.

Based on Shakespeare’s play, an overture-fantasy Romeo and Juliet is a great symphonic poem, which is presented for the audience in the form of sonata. It has a clear introduction and an epilogue. I expected the melody to be more romantic than dramatic; however, being a story with different parts, it is a complete piece without words where drums play a special role in delineating the tone of the track.

The Swan Lake Scene is also quite popular piece, which is both accurate and grandiose at the same time. It took one full year for Tchaikovsky to compose the whole piece. No wonder why his fruit of art captivates the breath of the listeners.

Before listening to the piece, Sleeping Beauty was first also associated with a slow melody. It is Tchaikovsky’s longest ballet, which consists of a prologue and three acts. The music is so engaging that does not allow sleeping.

Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D major, opus 35 is one of the most tender violin concertos I have ever listened to. It is one the most difficult works on violin in a technical sense.

Serenade for Strings in C major, opus 48 consists of four movements. All of them blend together technically into the whole magnificent piece that is also associated with walking in the nature; however, this time with the element of some anxiety.

The last piece of the album is Piano Concerto 1 in B, flat minor, opus 23 completed the album with another shade of romantic notes. Flutes, clarinets in B-flat, oboes, bassoons, horns and trumpets in F, trombones two of which are tenor and one bass, solo piano, timpani, and strings, all of that make this piece unique composition, which makes the listener turn back to its listening from time to time.

After listening to the album, I can conclude that Tchaikovsky is the definitely one of the first Russian composers whose music influenced me and left a long lasting impression. No wonder why he appeared as a guest conductor in the United States and Europe, played at the inaugural concert of New York’s Carnegie Hall, was awarded a lifetime pension and was honored by Emperor Alexander III.

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