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Water is health. Water is indispensable for our lives. It is a very important issue to keep the used or consumed water healthy. For this reason, the cleaning and disinfection of the water reservoirs and water bodies must never be neglected.Water tank cleaning is a service that needs to be done every six months according to the standards and periodically in the case and cleaning of water baths every three months and periodically.
When we do not clean the water tank, the bacteria and microbes in the tank multiply in the day. Usage can put our health at risk by consumption. The subject of water is almost the same. It is a fact that waterfowl that has not been cleaned for a long time is dangerous.
When we clean the water tank, it is also important to check whether the water tank is suitable for storing healthy water.
After-cleaning specialist teams should always keep a report on the healthy use of the landfill.
Healthy handling should be done on unsuitable water reservoirs. Insulation is applied to concrete, stainless, tiles are stored in plastic while fiber is not stored in polyethylene.
Concrete water tanks are membrane-coated, sliding-based insulation is made. In case of stainless steel metal alloy storage, only epoxy isolation method is applied.
Isolation is done in order to prevent water escape. All the quality and authority documents of the firms providing isolation cleaning services should be checked and the updated documents should be questioned.
Water tank cleaning or water tank isolation should be done with the cleaning materials allowed by the ministries and should be rinsed at the level that is not left behind.
Water baths should only be cleaned with an ozone generator. No water disinfectant should be used except for ozone.
Ozone is the best and effective disinfectant that can be used because of its strong oxidizing ability and its short-term conversion to oxygen.Su deposu temizleme

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