The Evolution of Public Health

The protection of public health is one of the important and the oldest obligations of the government. At the beginning of the emergence of governments, the ruler had the duty to promote the maintenance of safety and health of his citizens.

The late Middle Age is characterized by uncertain control of the public health. It was the primary stage of development of the health care service. The status was caused by different reasons. Firstly, people did not have the precise understanding of the grounds of the disease and the way of their transference. Secondly, they did not see the difference between sickness and dirtiness and they did not practice the observation of the infection. The connection between the sanitation and the preventive measures of the disease was hidden. There was a definite lack of knowledge about a human and the environment with its diversity of the ways of treating patients. The weakest point of that period was the wrong treatment.

In the nineteenth century there happened a sanitarian revolution of the public health. The scientists discovered the connection between infections and microorganisms that led to the profound understanding of the disease. After a short period of time the society was sure that the specialists could prevent the propagation of the infections.

In 1935 Congress of the United States social insurance for old people, disabled and blind, and also for poor children was instituted. The programs contributed to development of the health system and improvement of the people’s health by means of providing security for classes at greater risk, for poorness and infections.

In 1965, there were a great deal of various programs, for instance, the Medicare and the Medicaid. These applications raised the state of health in patients and expanded the health status in health care service.

        Nowadays, the service of public health is much more developed thanks to the modern technology of studying medicine.

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