Tips for Mastering Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is widely used in homes and workplaces. It is used for sending and receiving emails, organizing events, maintaining contacts, etc. Apart from adding reminders and creating new emails, users can do a lot more on Outlook. Here are some tips that will help you in mastering Microsoft Outlook:

  • Quicker email attachments

Most users, when they want to email a document, spend minutes clicking on folders while attempting to locate it. If you are going to send a document that you accessed recently, then just compose a message and click on the Attach File tab. Select the document from the drop-down menu. You can also go to File Explorer and locate the document. Right-click on it and select Send To from the pop-out list. Click on mail recipient. You may also drag and drop the file you wish to attach.

  • Organize emails by using folders

If you wish to organize your inbox, then you must shift them to dedicated folders. This will improve efficiency and management. Organizing emails by moving them to folders may seek daunting if you have a large amount of mail. Here is how you can make folders in Outlook:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to the email.
  • Go to New folder located at the end of Folders on the left side.
  • Enter a name for the folder.
  • Schedule delayed email delivery

With Microsoft Outlook, you can set an email to be delivered at a later time. You can compose a happy birthday message and schedule it to get delivered at 12 AM on the due date.

If you want to schedule the delivery date for the response to a message you have gotten, or if you wish to forward it to other people, then after selecting that email, click on Reply. You can also compose a fresh mail by hitting the New Email option. After composing the email, click on the downwards facing arrow next to Send Email. Select Send Later from the prompt and add the time and date.  Hit the Send button.

  • Share Outlook calendar with people

Microsoft Outlook offers tools for collaboration. You can now share your Outlook calendar with people inside and outside your organization. In order to share the Outlook Calendar, locate Share Calendar in the ribbon and click on it. In the pop up prompt, key in the email address of the individual you want to share the calendar with. Now, you can limit the sharing by selecting any option from Availability only, Full details, or Limited details.

  • Easy cleanup

If your Outlook account is overflowing with emails, then you must sort them out. Now, you can put them into folders, but that is going to be time-consuming. You can make use of Outlook Clean Up to declutter your inbox. Click on the Clean Up button in the Home tab. Now, you can clean up a conversation, folder, and subfolders. Select an option and then confirm it in the next dialog.

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