Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Articles

When choosing a title, focus on solving the reader’s problem and not your marketing problems. The article should solve the reader’s needs directly or indirectly boost traffic . With only a few seconds to impress, don’t waste them by using cocky, cute, or clever words. When you write articles, avoid using inside jokes and jargon the reader may not be conversant with. Positive superlative words in titles provoke emotions. This entices the audience and makes the title more attractive. Your prospects will remain prospects unless you give them a good reason to remain loyal to your material content for article . Research has shown that using numbers in titles generate 73% more social shares in the social media platforms (especially odd numbers). So, develop a list of great eye-catching titles. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with words, so long as it drives the point home. Have a list of about 20 titles, ruling them down to one that stands out.

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